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Medical error as become an all to common topic of discussion among Americans today, the entire world for that matter and not even societies "elite", are above experiencing it! While status and wealth can be a defining factor in retaining legal representation, the average John/Jane will find navigating those same waters, much more difficult if not impossible. 

Many American's are unaware of the amount of lobbying behind the scenes to help 'tip the scales' in favor of the professional. Lack of informed consent, transparency and knowledge are often the triad of barriers that blocks the hand of justice. Unrealistic statues of limitations and a money based legal system will quickly find the patient of medical error, no where to turn for help!

This is why raising awareness to our nations #3 leading cause of death/disability is so vital because it's not just about those who've died, but the thousands who've been left to suffer from the repercussions of medical error behind closed doors! The snowball affect caused by injury from medical error can lead to the loss of income, strained finances, mounting debts, foreclosures inevitably, totally destroying, that patients life. That's the sad reality that's happening far to often to be acceptable. 


Where are the 'Patch Adams' in today's fast paced, insurance driven, technologically advanced, business based, medical society? 

We need to bring the 'Care', back in 'Healthcare' and in order to do that, we need to join forces to become the David, against the broken systems Goliath!

How do we do that? By raising awareness! By getting involved!

The current state of our healthcare should be everyone's concern and a major one at that! We can't sit back on our laurels thinking it's okay to let someone else worry about it. That's how we got here in the first place!

It's a New Year, the ball dropped and now it's rolling, let's keep it gaining momentum by gaining exposure!

No time like the present to get involved, Share, Share, Share, become more aware! Let's make medical error, medical history by making a difference!

Bill Paxton's family files wrongful death suit

Bill Paxton’s family is blaming the hospital and doctor who operated on him last year for his untimely death.

The family of Bill Paxton believes his death last year was preventable, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family against the hospital and surgeon who treated the late actor.

Paxton, whose career credits included roles in "Titanic," "Aliens," and HBO's "Big Love," died February 25, 2017, just days after undergoing heart surgery. He was 61.

Paxton's family alleges the surgeon used "a high risk and unconventional surgical approach with which he lacked experience" and that the hospital and surgeon, "misrepresented and/or concealed information relating to the risks of surgery," according to the suit. They believe those factors contributed to Paxton's post-surgery complications.

Foghat's Craig MacGregor Adds Voice of Support to Patient Test Results Information Act

Craig MacGregor, long-time bassist for the classic rock band Foghat, is seeking to raise awareness for patient safety by supporting legislation that would require patients to be directly informed of their medical test results. MacGregor, who has been battling stage 4 lung cancer since 2015, learned that he had the advanced disease more than three years after doctors had originally discovered it during an emergency room visit. Unfortunately, those test results were never communicated to MacGregor.


Craig MacGregor, who joined Foghat as a bassist in 1975, has died at the age of 68.

"On behalf of Craig MacGregor's family and the Foghat family, it is with great sadness that we are letting you know that we have lost our brother, good friend, husband, father and bandmate this morning," the band wrote on Facebook. "He passed peacefully in his wife Lisa MacGregor's arms after a prolonged battle with cancer. Please respect the privacy of the family and band members at this time. We will be sharing information in the next day or so. Rest in Peace, Thunderfingers."

Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Dementia’ Was Lyme Disease

For years, songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson was told he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of dementia. His memory was getting progressively worse.

But Kristofferson, 79, has revealed that he was misdiagnosed — he actually has Lyme disease, according to a June 6 story in Rolling Stone. A positive test result confirmed the hunch earlier this year, the magazine said.

“He was taking all these medications for things he doesn’t have, and they all have side effects,” his wife, Lisa, told Rolling Stone. After three weeks of Lyme treatment, there are still some down days, but on other days he seems normal, she said. “All of a sudden he was back.”

LeAnn Rimes Sues Dentist For Messing Up Her Teeth, Claims Bad Dental Work Damaged Her Career

LeAnn Rimes has a bone to pick with her dentist. The country singer filed a lawsuit on Thursday, Feb. 14, alleging that his poor dental work has actually been so traumatic that it has negatively impacted her career.

In the papers, the 30-year-old claims that her "ability to perform as an artist has been and will continue to be significantly compromised until all re-treatment is complete." Rimes is seeking unspecified damages for "emotional and psychiatric injuries" in addition to the physical pain her dentist has inflicted upon her.

Actor James Woods Sues a Rhode Island Hospital Over Brother’s Death

Award-nominated actor, and Rhode Island native, James Woods is suing Kent Hospital in Rhode Island for the wrongful death of his 49-year-old brother, Michael, who died in 2006 after going into cardiac arrest on a hospital gurney in the hospital’s hallway.

Woods, who is bringing suit on behalf of his deceased brother’s estate and teenage son, said he is doing so to seek “justice.”  

Dennis Quaid
Actor and Patient Advocate
Hollywood, CA, USA

Dennis Quaid has become an international champion for patient safety, following the near-death experience of his newborn twins due to a preventable adverse drug event.

As of April 12, 2010, The Quaid Foundation has merged with TMIT. The Quaid Foundation was formed by Dennis and Kimberly Quaid in 2007 after hospital personnel administered an overdose of heparin, a blood thinner, to their 12-day-old twins, putting their lives at great risk. The Quaid family is joining forces with TMIT to raise public awareness about our broken medical system, to eliminate human error, and to make caregivers aware that patients have the right to know all information that could have an impact on their health and well-being, with major focus on increasing awareness of the dangers of medication errors.

Comedian Dana Carvey sues cardiac surgeon for $7.5 million; settles for undisclosed amount

San Francisco, CA - Reliving a nightmarish version of a "Saturday Night Live" skit, comedian Dana Carvey talks about his 2-year ordeal after botched heart surgery in the cover story of the June 5, 2000 People magazine. As he tells it, cardiologist Dr Neal Eigler (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) was about to give him the results of a diagnostic angiogram 2 months after the funnyman had double-bypass surgery. "They bypassed the wrong artery," says Eigler.

John Ritter’s widow talks about wrongful death suit

Comic actor John Ritter’s widow says a wrongful death lawsuit going to trial Monday is more about seeking accountability and educating the public about the condition that killed him than the $67 million in damages she is seeking from two doctors.

“I’m asking for responsibility to be taken and recognition to be brought to this problem,” Amy Yasbeck, an actress herself, told TODAY co-host Meredith Vieira in an exclusive interview that aired Monday.

Jury Awards Family $1.95 Million in Dick Schaap's Death

A jury found a cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital liable yesterday for the death of the sports journalist Dick Schaap after hip replacement surgery and awarded his family $1.95 million in compensatory damages. 

Mr. Schaap, 67, died on Dec. 21, 2001, three months after the surgery, having never left the hospital. His family had sought $21 million.

"This case was never about the money," his widow, Trish, said after the verdict. "We felt that this was the only way to get hospitals to pay attention and to not sweep their mistakes under the rug."

Julie Andrews Settles Lawsuit Against Doctors

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) — Actress Julie Andrews, star of the classic musical The Sound of Music, said on Thursday that she has settled her malpractice lawsuit over a 1997 throat operation that she said left her unable to sing professionally.

Andrews, 64, who won an Oscar for her performance in the 1964 film Mary Poppins, said in a brief statement that the terms of the settlement against two doctors and New York's Mount Sinai Hospital were confidential. The settlement ends a lawsuit she filed last year in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, N.Y.

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