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This page is dedicated to any and all dental patients who feel they may be a possible victim of negligence by a dental practitioner.


It's purpose is to be able to improve the fragmenting of dental patients who share similar situations by providing support, along with a place to share and document their stories.

To collectively network towards advocating change & educating the public to prevent or lessen the potential for harm in the future for both patient and professional by first showing it exists.


No patient wants to suffer needlessly and no professional wants their reputation to be tarnished.


Being Pro Active in your dental health by becoming an educated consumer is the best option for all parties involved.


Learn from our mistakes, don't become one.






Unscrupulous Practices, Patients At Risk!

By Eva Orvo

Much gratitude to you Eva for bringing this issue to light! I know you've had a hard road so I am honored to add .your story here, Thank You SO much for helping to bring the much-needed awareness in an effort to stop the harm!


"The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine teaches its students to NOT say ANYTHING negative about the referring dentist's previous work as they don't want to dissuade future referrals from them!!! Two different students told me this. I was referred there by my dentist who asked them to see if I needed a crown lengthening or not and if not why I was still having problems after he put 2 crowns on. Right off the bat, the student is NOT ALLOWED to state the dentist made a mistake!

Also, if the referring dentist is asking if a patient needs like a crown lengthening or not, the student will NOT say they don't but go ahead and do the UNNECESSARY procedure!!! Fact! That's what they are being TRAINED to do!!! They are teaching students to be dirty, sneaky, con artist, dentists. One student was dispelled from class because he didn't want to do an unnecessary, costly, procedure. He filed a lawsuit against the school so it's not just my observation/experience but I'm sure many other's as well. My insurance transported me over 2 hours to get to Philadelphia only to be mistreated and lied to.

Also, he FAKED my gum depth measurements which were obvious when he did them as he pretended to retain at least 15 different numbers in his head before writing them down. Of course, they were nowhere near the measurements my dentist took a month earlier! Con artist, low lives.

BRUSH YOUR TEETH PEOPLE and AVOID THESE GOONS! I know, easier said than done for us old-timers that still have our teeth."



Read more here:





By T.M.N.

Thank You T.M.N. for the many email correspondences and taking the time to help share awareness thru your story. I was very happy to hear you are finally on the mend from your horrific experience and wish you better health to come.


"STAY FAR AWAY~ The dentist that attempted to work on me IS MERCURY POISONED. POCK MARKS all over his face are an easy TELL. "



Read his story here: https://www.yelp.com/biz_share/2DUAP1mJM_dKhylrBT2o6A/review/qTyff23DhHR9EsX42kQm5g



By Debbie Wathey-Martino

Thank You Debbie Wathey-Martino for your courage in bringing Dental awareness thru your story. Sharing your personal struggles in the hopes others will learn from your experience.


" A year ago I read about a woman and her daughter in VA that got braces
Within a couple of months, her 14-year-old daughter got deathly ill
Turns out it was the metals that poisoned her blood
I said to myself it’s starting finally!!
About a month ago I saw an article on FB from the http://www.melisa.org/articles/  foundation...
Their fight is finally over
I will continue to deal with my battles and my health but on a positive note, maybe my story will help people to avoid getting sick!!"
Debby Martino

Read her full story here: https://believe4ever87.wordpress.com/2019/07/15/dental-harm-w/?fbclid=IwAR13VFGAm1jRFxyqfFLW91NnaQ0KCnoJ-4IqDnDDLd-cO-5skAN4YJVHFN4


Dental Implant Extraction Horror Story

By Ari Neptunia

Thank You Ari Neptunia for the use of your video story to help share awareness on the potential dangers of dental procedures and why it's so important to do your due diligence by researching BEFORE you venture in. 


"I will never forgive myself trusting my dentist, the oral surgeon & the Implant specialist, I should stop them on the spot, but I didn't do it, after all, they didn't put the gun in my head, so why I was letting them screwing me so bad."

- Ari Neptunia


Ignore the safety instructions

By Scott Taylor

Please, if you get your Amalgams removed

Cross Posted.
It was in the 1850s (yes over 160 years ago) that research was starting to indicate Amalgams are unsafe. The dental associations still tell you today that Amalgams are safe and to look at the science. The trouble is when qualified Drs, Dentists, Scientists, Researchers, and others look for the science showing Amalgam Fillings are safe, it isn’t there. The reverse is true. The science shows how unsafe they are.

Also, consider that they changed the formula for Amalgam a few decades ago, so even Amalgam next to Amalgam can be two different metals ready to react. There was one dentist on the course who stood up and said: “I can tell you why. At dental school, we were told to ignore the safety instructions that come with Amalgam.”

I was in a course a few years ago where the speaker asked the question: “Why do dentists put different metals next to each other when the safety instructions tell them not to?”
The safety instructions that come with Amalgam advise against having different metals on adjoining teeth. (Let alone layered within the same tooth.) Why would a dentist do that?
One tooth had four layers of metal. Porcelain on metal, under that Amalgam, under that a layer of silver, under that another layer of amalgam. A four-layer Mercury releasing battery in my tooth. I had my Amalgams removed for the second time, safely during 2016.
Two years ago today I finally became Amalgam Free. It was the second time I had my Amalgams “removed”. The first time was done unsafely and the Dentist left me with 7 Hidden Amalgams. All were next to another metal, which releases the Mercury faster. 
get it done safely. Over the last few years, I have read too many stories of even IAOMT dentists not following Safe protocol. Become an expert on safe removal and grill any dentist about their protocol, as if your life depended on it because it does.

- Scott Taylor  

A burning protest

by Kayla Joyce

I’d like to introduce & welcome fellow Dental Advocate Kayla Joyce to our website.

Kayla leads the way in awareness with regards to the use of 'Papoose' boards! A barbaric practice that has affected many a child over the years including Kayla.

Her diligence and courage in bringing to light this unacceptable yet continued practice are commendable, to say the least. We are happy to see such bravery come forth in an effort to help others.

I briefly tell my own story of being restrained at a dentist for hours on end painfully. Because only by telling our stories can we get people to empathize and see why this kind of treatment, in the long run, is wrong. We need to seek humane alternatives that promote a positive experience for all parties involved especially the patient who has to live with the effects whether good or bad. Now I know many of you may not agree with me. I'm not asking you to do so. What I am asking you to do is take what I have to say into consideration and think about it. Go by the golden rule of "Don't do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you" because you never know... Don't just take doctors at their word. Ask a lot of questions, research, and if something doesn't feel right then most likely it isn't. Think ahead not just in the present.

The title of the cause has since changed from Eliminate papoose/torture boards NOW to Eliminate Papoose Board torture NOW to sound better and make a quicker point.

Thank you to Chris for helping me to film, play the soundtrack, as well as use your scouting skills to make sure my use of fire was safe.
As an artist, I felt this was a great way to express my feelings as well as a way of making people think. I used the song Haunted by Evanesence because the song accurately describes my feelings of what I went through and what I continue to deal with to this very day. Plus it was short and to the point.

Click Here: FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/papooseboardssuck/videos/?ref=page_internal&hc_location=ufi



From Dental Despair To Dental Advocacy, Dana's 16 Year Journey

I’d like to introduce & welcome fellow Dental Advocate Dana Herbert to the website. She has graciously offered to share her story here with us and I’m happy to have her aboard! While her story is intricate in form, as most stories like ours often are, it walks you thru the long road of the first realization, then validation many patients of harm never achieve and even fewer people hear of. Her story reflects a quest many Patients of Harm endure as they piece together their puzzles of ill health and eventually connect it to their Dental work.

Here’s a short synapsis of her story.

Central Connecticut State University graduate, Interior Decorator & Artist Dana Herbert, of Hartford, CT, shares her 16 year battle thru Dental despair and how she transformed herself from Dental Victim, to Dental Advocate in an effort to raise awareness!  
After years of dental research, Dana firmly believes the known carcinogenic metals Beryllium and Nickel (used in her dental crowns) leaves little doubt about what caused her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and radically altered her life. Despite the continued impact on her health and lifestyle, Dana forges forward for the benefit of others.
Not content with being told the use of known carcinogens/highly problematic metals used in her crown work as the Standard of Care or ADA Approved by dentists, her 16 year journey for answers and understanding has yielded a wealth of valuable knowledge she now imparts to others.
Dana Herbert is a Patient of Harm Pioneer who’s focus and fortitude towards raising patient awareness in dentistry is commendable.
Read her story here: http://danaherbert.blogspot.com/2015/03/dental-causes-of-chronic-fatigue.html

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